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Wensleydale Evangelical Church

Minister: Rev Noel Ramsey

Welcome to our Visitors Book page. If you would like to leave a message recording your visit please Click here.

If you have any stories or information regarding our building from its days as a congregational church we would love to hear them.

If you have any problems, please e-mail your details and comments to the webmaster at the address given on the Contacts page.

Mr Christos Katsambis


Enjoyed looking through the website. I may one day visit your church too.

Rev Knox Hyndman



Thanks for alerting me to your web site. Having just set one up ourselves last year I was very interested. Congratulations on an excellent piece of work. I trust it will prove a blessing to many and helpful to your congregation's witness.

Mr Jason Ramsey



Very Good. Glad to be a part of this church with lovely people! Love the quote when you go to sign this. Any fool can criticise!

Mr Raymond Samuel Ramsey


Good Web site brother, better than number one son. Good luck to you!!!!!!!

Mr Chris Letton


Hi Noel. I like the buiding or is it building? (Main Page)

Thanks Chris, correction done.

Mrs Heather Hirons



I think this site is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

Mr Geoff Friston


Very impressive Noel! Perhaps it's time Geneva Road followed suit & moved into the 21st century!

Miss Sarah Ramsey


Very good dad and Tony. I like the bit about when you click on the church door and you can see inside. Good luck in future days with the website.

Mrs Lottie Ramsey


Hello Noel I have just read your site and really enjoyed reading about all the work that is going on. Keep up all the hard work and effort. Tell everyone I was asking about them.

Miss Miriam Ford


Hi there, just to tell you that our little ford family has logged on to your website and we think it's really good - looking forward to seeing you soon.

Mr William Horsburgh



Greetings from Ryedale Evangelical Church, your web site gives a very positive picture of the Church. I hope and pray the Lord will use it to point many to Christ.

Mr Ron Whitaker

I was most interested in browsing through the web pages, and finding out about the history of the church and the beginnings of the new.

Nev and Sue Goddard


Many thanks for your Ministry Noel & fellowship a few weeks back, it was such a blessing to be with you again. Every Blessing & hope to be back next Sept God Willing.

Mr Malcolm Gray (Mac)


An impressive site. May God bless you all as a group of fellow-believers in your meetings and witness in Leyburn. I've always taken a personal interest in you all.

Jonathan Spencer



A really well laid out site; a good witness of the church in leyburn. My father was interested to hear that you have a site! Dad said to pass on his greeting to the church (Pastor Howard and Jean Spencer- Cromer Baptist Church, Cromer N.Norfolk).

Miss Molly Stott


This church is very welcoming and kind.

Mr Ronie Ramsey


Enjoyed the site, very well done it was nice to see you all we hope to come and see " your place" sometime may GOD bless you all and your in our prayers

Ronnie and Christine

Annelies van Oyen


Hello, I would like to spend my holidays in Leyburn again and would like to meet you all then.
Hope you are all well? Greet the family on Middleham road 2 for me , please!
Greetings from The Netherlands



I am studying Eph 6:10-18 and found your website through a search specifically for Eph 6:12 Your sermons were very interesting and helpful. By the way I am from the USA.

Your sister in Christ,

Jason Ramsey


Can't believe I've not signed this already. Hey to all the folks.

Rev David Moody



Good and interesting site
I pray that it will challenge Christians and convict those who don't know the Lord.
Every blessing

Mr Neil Hanna



Hi Noel and Sandra,
Found your site. It's been a long time since we met face to face. Good to see how and what you're doing. Mum and Dad send their regards too.

Jack Blue


wonderful and marvellous to learn of the LORD's on-going work. wonderful and marvellous too to discover He has called another Ulsterman to convey the greatest story ever to be told.
Blessings from Mourne!

Miss Heather Bates


I am impressed with the website, pleased that I will be able to read Noel's sermons from Llandudno. I had a lovely Sunday during my recent visit to see Dad, thank you Mr McDonald for your sermon on Psalm 23

Anne Newman


I am hoping (God willing) to visit your church Sunday 18th October 2009
and by all accounts according to your information its fellowship lunch day
... anyway not coming for that, will enjoy the fellowship I am sure.... I
liked your web site, helpful and easy to use, novel idea about clicking on
the door to see more pictures of inside, trust you are encouraged in these
dark days but the Lord is still on the throne!
May God continue to bless your fellowship.

Mr Tim Watson


I was a very, very occasional attender of Scotton Evangelical Church in 1999-2001 when I was home from university and always received a warm welcome. I was always encouraged in my very young faith. Thank you for your continued ministry to the people of Leyburn and Scotton.

John W


Ephesians Chapter 5:1-7

Interesting. I found your talk to be the one example of true understanding. Interesting, to say the least. I will visit your site in the future.

Pastor Lawrence Kennedy



Was at Belfast Bible College with Noel and so thrilled to see how the work in Yorkshire is progressing. God Bless all you seek to do for the Master.

Mr William Wilson



Hello Noel and the family it was lovely to have you worship with us all day on Sunday past. I must say that you have a lovely church building and I pray that lots of seed will be sowing to bring in the harvest. And your church website is very good indeed people will take a look at it and pray for your Bible rallys starting in October.

Mr Geoff Berry


I must congratulate your pastor on his excellent sermons, they are a real blessing, I spend much time reading these and feel uplifted and blest by them please keep adding to your list they are so helpful to those who are housebound. God bless you in your work for our Lord

Mr and Mrs Roberts



We had a great time of fellowship when we visited your church on Sunday 12th September 2010. Also delighted to be invited to the fellowship lunch that follwed the morning service. Thank you all for your fellowship! Please visit our church website for information. Andy and Jenny :-)

Mr & Mrs Bob and Chris Seals


We enjoyed worshipping with you yesterday (2nd November 2014) and since I'd been asked to write in the Visitor's Book and then forgot, I thought I'd do so online. The sermon by Simon Robinson was such a good reminder of all that Jesus has done for us and of the wonderful grace of God that we are privileged to know. Should we holiday again in the beautiful area of Wensleydale we will visit you again. God bless your work. Chris Seals

Mrs Rosemary Waite


I really enjoyed coming to church last Sunday. I am learning about god, whom I love.

Mrs Robin James


Love your website and we two Australian widows plan on visiting your service on July 15 when we come to Yorkshire from Australia.

God bless and prosper the gospel under your charge.